e mërkurë, 17 shtator 2008

e enjte, 24 janar 2008

bond 22 gets its official title

and it's called..."Quantum of Solace." when i first heard that, i was like "isnt that where superman lives?" then i got excited about the next bond movie taking place at superman's house (maybe he let bond house sit! maybe superman died and bond has to carry him around like weekend at bernie's so he can use his awesome house! maybe it's a bond/superman buddy cop movie! ALL OF THESE OPTIONS ARE AMAZING!)

then i axed my friend google and it turns out superman actually lived in the "fortress of solitude," not the "quantum of solace," which is a rip city. anyway, whatever, i guess bond is sad cuz vesper died and that's what it's about. either way, daniel craig is a hot bitch.

e mërkurë, 29 gusht 2007

pipettes album art and north american release date

oct 2nd! LOVE IT! the album will be the same as the one that's already out, but with 2 new songs. stream em on up on the girls' myspace page.

kanye and chris martin collabo

everything i hear from kanye's new album is great, but this is probably my favorite single so far. is it wrong that i miss chris martin? is it wrong that i like kanye west? yeah, probably yes and yes, but shut it, dont judge me! download 'homecoming' and like it or else!

e martë, 28 gusht 2007

the new pinback is a big ole "meh"

let's just be honest with each other. i know it hurts. i know this album was highly anticipated. i know we all loved them in the past. but the new pinback album is not what we waited for. lyrical puns? really? ugh. and that's the LEAST of my complaints. download 'good to sea' and see what i mean.

e hënë, 27 gusht 2007

spice girls greatest hits album cover

not to be all idolator and annoyingly obsess over album art for no reason at all, but it has to be said that the spice girls' greatest hits cover could have stood a little more effort.

grindhouse cereal box art!

Something Awful's latest photoshop contest is cereal boxes of doom and filth, a la grindhouse art. ENTER NOW!

e enjte, 23 gusht 2007

hipster olympics!

HAHA! i like when the judge is making sure the olympians are "adequately hungover"

e mërkurë, 22 gusht 2007

rilo kiley, 'silver lining video'


e hënë, 20 gusht 2007

ferraby lionheart is lovely

ferraby lionheart is my new obsession. folky, weepy, and wonderful enough to melt my cold black heart for a few minutes. listen and love 'put me in your play.'